Ideal Soybean Planting Dates for Manitoba & When to Roll ‘Em

The soybeans on either side of Brent VanKoughnet were planted a month apart

What’s the yield penalty for planting soybeans in Manitoba in early June? What’s the penalty for planting into cold soil? How much damage will I do if I roll the seedlings early in the morning? Brent VanKoughnet, lead with Agri-Skills, has been running trials for the last two years to answer these and more questions of soybean production in Manitoba. RealAgriculture editor Lyndsey Smith spoke with VanKoughnet after his presentation at CropConnect. After two years of trials, there are some interesting results.

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In this interview below, VanKoughnet gives a brief overview of last year’s findings, plus sets up how this year’s study was slightly different in planting dates. Then, he explains what a month’s difference in soybean planting dates in 2013 meant to yield, plus how much damage he saw from rolling soybeans during a warm afternoon and a cool morning. All that and more in the video below.

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