Why GMOs are Green, Sustainable and Necessary — Mark Lynas

Biotechnology’s fatal flaw, says Mark Lynas, was that the first well-know trait associated with the technology was herbicide resistance. First impressions matter, and on that account, genetic modification and the resulting GMOs failed miserably. Lynas, a UK-based environmentalist and former anti-biotech activist, says that GMOs’ bad publicity needs to move past this tough start and move on to the possibility of what is and what’s to come, as biotechnology provides very real value in sustainable food production going forward.

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Providing the keynote address at this year’s CropConnect conference in Winnipeg, Man., Lynas joined Real Agriculture editor Lyndsey Smith for a discussion on his thoughts as to why GMOs are really sustainable, how the reality of farming needs to be understood and the world-wide potential for biotechnology.

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