The CASE Steiger RowTrac QuadTrac – A Tractor for All Seasons

The Steiger RowTrac could aptly be described as the Hulk…..with bunny slippers. It’s a tractor that CASE designed to tackle the heaviest of farm jobs, yet tread as lightly as possible when needed. It’s highly adaptable as well, with the ability to pull almost any implement you’ve got on the yard, with multiple adjustments for row-spacing as well. It’s all of those features in addition to better fuel efficiency and greater cab comfort that has Mitch Kaiser, CASE IH’s Steiger Marketing Manager, dubbing this “the ultimate tractor for all seasons”.

In this video shot at the 2014 National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, RealAg’s Bernard Tobin gets the details on the newest improvements on the RowTrac and why he thinks it is the “ultimate tractor for all seasons” for the Canadian farmer.