AgNerds: Get Comfortable with the Cloud

It’s time for another edition of AgNerds, where Shaun Haney and someone else equally tech-savvy talk about gizmos, gadgets and other techie things! And, yes, for this edition we do indeed have the one and only Peter Gredig back in the saddle/tradeshow chair to talk about, of all things, the cloud.

The what, you say? The cloud. Non-hardware based data storage to save, back-up and store all your farm’s information, your pictures, your music, your files — everything! — securely and efficiently.

Read more: See Peter Gredig’s feature article on how cloud data management works

But where, exactly, does the data go? Is it secure? What’s the cost, and how does that cost compare to external hard drives or other hardware I could store at home? What are the risks with cloud storage vs. the risks of home storage? Shaun and Pete do their best to explain how the cloud works, the very real advantages, the costs and why you should really have a password manager (oops…).

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