Science vs. Perception: Why Are So Many Opposed to GMOs?

“It’s an atrocity to block the humanitarian gesture of improved nutrition,” says Kevin Folta, scientist and associate professor at the University of Florida, referring to opposition towards Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

We saw incredible public interest in food in 2013, with polarizing discussions often centred around biotechnology. Many, including Folta, argue the current debates are largely science versus perception, which was exactly what Folta talked about at the Southwest Agricultural Conference this week in Ontario.

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So, why can’t science beat perception? In the following interview with Bernard Tobin, Folta explains that much of the opposition to biotechnology is based on fear, which is far easier to market than the sterile perception of “science.” But, biotech proponents have hope.

“When a consumer starts to see the real benefits, they’ll change their perceptions,” explains Folta, who suggests providing examples from the “GMO 2.0” generation, like those with better nutrition, quality or shelf-life.

Watch the entire interview here:

Folta encourages anyone interested in finding out more about Genetically Modified Organisms, to look up

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