The Basics of Surface Land Agreements

Farming can be an overwhelming business, with scientific and economic complexities in every decision. Just deciding on seeding plans or organizing a work crew for silage season can be incredibly stressful. And just when you thought the decisions couldn’t be anymore prevalent, you get a call from a land company requesting access to survey for a possible oil drilling site. What should you do?

Before moving forward, the first thing you should do is request to be present for the survey, advises Tyler Fletcher, Land Resource Coach with Agri-Trend.

“With directional drilling, there’s an opportunity to move this well site into an area that’s the least intrusive for your farming operation,” explains Fletcher in the following video. “You’d be surprised at how much you can move these developments around.”

Being present for the survey is only the first step in an extensive process of negotiations, paperwork and cooperation. In this video, I talk to Tyler Fletcher about the basics of the process, touching on what you can expect to negotiate, when agreements will be revisited and some of the key differences in these agreements between the prairie provinces.

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