Saik’s Agri-Treks, Kenya —Ep. 4: Elephants as a Crop Pest & the Challenge of Weather

In this last episode of Rob Saik’s epic Agri-Trek to Kenya, Rob takes us on a tour of a primary school’s hodge-podge of a garden. We use the term only to mean the organization of the garden, because the diversity of plants is unlike anything you’d likely see in a North American garden. Corn, beans and pigeon peas all grow alongside papaya trees, eggplant and more. While blights and insects plague these crops, just like we’d experience here, there is one very large pest — elephants, if you can believe it — that farmers in this area are constantly battling. And imagine building a fence to be elephant-proof! (sidenote: Guess which vegetable elephants don’t eat?)

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From pest problems, to water scarcity, Rob shows us how over-grazing and a dependence on the rainy season is impacting pasture and cattle. Then, as this Agri-Treks concludes, we get a bird’s eye-view of the beautiful region and a taste of the good life, even in such a remote place. Enjoy!

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