FarmTech14 Preview – Cami Ryan – Engaging in Complex Biotech Conversations

Starting and participating in ag and food conversations can be difficult and intimidating. Misrepresentation of industry in the media (Chipotle, Panera Bread and A&W), issues like mad cow disease, avian flu virus, and the XL food scandal, not to mention the controversies around genetically modified foods make for a very complex conversation terrain.

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In our information-rich world, fiction and fallacies can circulate unchecked. This leads to a lot of misconceptions, not only about science but about the broader agricultural industry as well. What’s the antidote?At Farmtech 2014 Cami Ryan will share with you some of her experiences, some of the lessons learned and a few insights she has gained in the art and science of the ag and food conversation.

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Cami Ryan believes that producers need to claim the conversational space, participate in dialogues and work to develop new narratives around agriculture. We need to approach our conversations accurately and with accountability. According to Cami Ryan, most of all, we need to be authentic in our approaches.

Cami Ryan and Shaun Haney give you a little sneak peak of Cami’s presentations in the interview below.

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