Details on Kinze’s Multi-Hybrid Concept Corn Planter

Precision farming and variable rate application technology matures every year. Whether it’s advances in mapping or data integration or the roll out of new iron up to the challenge, farmers have no shortage of new precision farming tools at their disposal.

Kinze Manufacturing is adding to that stable of options with its latest corn concept planter built on the 4000 series platform. This first-ever electric drive multi-hybrid planter will allow farmers to alternate between two corn hybrids based on management zones of their chosing. As Rhett Schildroth, senior product manager at Kinze Manufacturing explains in the interview below, unlike varying plant populations, varying hybrids resulted in a positive yield response in each trial.

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The Kinze electric multi-hybrid concept planter has new row units that incorporate two meters for every row, with two meters feeding a single seed tube, so the row unit gauge wheels, openers, and closing wheels are identical to a standard Kinze 4000 series row unit.

“This was only possible by using the new electric drive option on the Kinze 4000 series meters. By eliminating the drive chain and clutch, we were able to orient the meters close together so that they feed a single seed tube,” says Schildroth.  In trials, the varying of hybrid between a “workhorse” type and a “racehorse” type yielded between two and 10 bushels more per acre.

Farmers in the Midwest will likely see the concept planter on the fields for 2014.

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