Quickie Canada and the “Last Tie-Down You’ll Ever Buy”

You’re not alone if you’ve struggled with tie-downs, it seems. A colourful display and a pile of old, worn-out tie-down straps caught the attention of many of this year’s Canadian Western Agribition‘s attendees. So, RealAgriculture took the opportunity to ask Dale Nevison, sales agent with Quickie Canada, more about the “last tie down you’ll ever buy.”

Made with a military-grade material, Nevison says the only part that will wear out is the rope, which is incredibly easy to replace.

“They’re not a cheap tie-down, they are a quality, time-saving tool,” says Nevison, who, in the time it took to set-up the camera (five minutes), had already sold another bundle of “quickies” to a passerby.

In this video, Nevison explains the advantages to the rope/pulley tie-downs, while demonstrating their use.

For fear of Mr. Google leading our viewers astray, here’s a link to Quickie Canada.

If you cannot view the embedded video, click here.