David Suzuki Gets Challenged By Actual Scientists in Australia

David Suzuki

Now I am not the biggest Ezra Levant fan, nor do I subscribe to Sun TV but I stumbled upon a very interesting segment on Ezra Levant’s program.   Levant features an interview that David Suzuki participated in while he was visiting Australia.

It is very interesting to hear David Suzuki discuss genetically modified foods and how concerned he is about their lack of testing.  As Levant points out, usually Suzuki gets the opportunity to just spin his version of the story and then walk out of the room.  In this case he took live questions and follow up questions.  He was literally undressed by his lack of real scientific knowledge.

Like the Chipotle video criticism last week, Suzuki talks about GMO’s all being about corporate greed and punishing the farmers and misleading the consumer.  I find it hard to be sympathetic about Suzuki’s corporate greed argument when the man is an actual corporation himself.  Suzuki profits immensely from his position on the this topic.  He is paid handsomely to speak around the world by like minded organizations to spread the anti GMO message.

Every country has someone like David Suzuki, someone who spreads the good word about how consumers are being lied to by companies like Monsanto, whne actually they are creating good in the world for many through the safe use of biotechnology.

I encourage you to watch the video because its very clear that when confronted by actually scientists, David Suzuki is not much of an authority on anything science based.


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