Chipotle Proves Farmers Need to be Advocates for Agriculture Like Never Before

We have run many different stories and interviews talking about the need to be an agricultural advocate in the past. I hear from many readers that they feel being a advocate for agriculture is a complete waste of time and not a practical role for a farmer.

Just watch the below video being promoted by Chipolte and see how your industry is being depicted.

If you cannot see the below embedded video, Click Here to view on YouTube

As a farmer does this video upset you, frustrate you or are you indifferent?

Farmers need to wake up to what is going on here. Companies like Whole Foods and Chipotle that make a fortune from selling consumers on “natural” and “organic” are better, are shaping the image of our industry over and over again.  The irony is that companies like Chipotle want to attack the big corporate monster of agriculture but its okay that Chipotle has a market capitalization of 13.1 billion US dollars.

This video and other like it show that we need to support programs like the AgChat Foundation,  Ag More Than Ever.  These are just two example of organizations trying to spread the correct more accurate message to the consumer by helping farmers get engaged in the process.

See another viewpoint on the Chipotle video

In reality it is the farmer, producer, grower or whatever title you give them, to step up and start getting more involved.   Don’t roll your eyes, start getting involved.  Too many times farmers have this notion that their only role is to produce food but underestimate the importance to lobby and fight for the industry they love so much.  Every individual voice from farmers matters.

Wake up with RealAgriculture

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Wake up with RealAgriculture