Free Workshop Helps Build a Risk Management Plan for Your Cattle Business

What’s your risk management plan for your cattle business? If you don’t have one or would like to step up your understanding of price risk, managing returns and use of contracts, this free workshop may be for you.

Beginning next week, Linus7, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation’s Cattle Price Insurance Program (CPIP) and’s cattle market analyst, Anne Wasko, are set to deliver five risk management workshops across Alberta. These sessions will focus on price risk and available tools to help minimize your risk.

Anne will cover the building blocks of a risk management plan by discussing the fundamentals of price risk — how to work in supply and demand figures, feed grain prices, exchange rate risk, seasonality and the ever-changing basis.

Building on these factors, workshop attendees will then hear from CPIP representatives, Haley Rutherford and Brenda Campbell, who will discuss the different risk management tools available to Alberta cattle feeders, including delivery contracts, futures, options, and CPIP. Examples of each of the tools will be provided in addition to a recap of how CPIP has performed in the past year.

From there, Laura Ecklund, Linus7 Customer Support Pro, will demonstrate the Linus7 Cattle Financial Software program.  She will demonstrate how the Linus7 Software consolidates all of their inventory, contracts, futures, options and more, into a centralized area that allows for quick, accurate decision making. Laura will then discuss Return on Investment, a key focus of the program. Lyndsay Smith, also with Linus7, will build off the ROI discussion and work into discussing risk tolerance levels and more.

Workshops are slated for June 10 to 25, 2013, beginning in Lethbridge and ending in Vermillion. Click here for exact dates, locations and how to register.


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