Ask FarmLink: How Does S & D Factor in to Crop Pricing Decisions?

Developing an opinion on crop prices and the direction they’re headed is not an exact science. Once you can move beyond expecting to be right all the time, it’s time to start putting some fundamental analysis to work for you. While many farmers are familiar with that term and supply and demand discussions, understanding how a supply and demand dynamic translates into a price chart is just one way to start using this information in your pricing decisions.

In this Ask FarmLink episode, Brenda Tjaden Lepp, co-founder of FarmLink Marketing Solutions, runs through how basic supply and demand works at establishing a market price, why and how that price really is a range and not just one number and how that price range becomes a price chart. From there, Tjaden Lepp walks us through how to use this information to decide when to move a little or a lot of what crops you have on hand.


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