Upcoming Young & Beginning Farmer Events in Manitoba

Young and beginning farmers have a lot hanging over them. Getting a business up and running, raising families, keeping up with all the latest in agriculture. It’s at that point that focus becomes critical. You can hit a point where you’re doing a million things and doing none of them well because you don’t know where to focus. That’s where personal development through events like the Upcoming Young & Beginning Farmer Conference can be a huge benefit. The workshops offer advice on everything from using social media in your business to being aware of potential legal issues. The conference also provides an atmosphere where you can share what you’re doing with other producers and do a little networking.

Cedric MacLeod, lead with MacLeod Agronomics and farmer at Local Valley Beef, from Fredericton, New Brunswick, will be facilitating some of the upcoming events centred around best management practices. Lyndsey Smith spoke to him about it.

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