Keep Your Farm At Hand with Free App and Mobile Interface

Keeping track of what has been done on which field, at what rate and when tends to get rather complicated when field numbers start to rise or you end up with several helpers at seeding or spraying. Add rented bin yards, contracts with several companies and the tendency to lose the piece of paper you jotted something down on, and you’ve got a data management disaster waiting to happen.

An enterprising Saskatchewan farm girl and her web developer friend decided to get together and create an easy-to-use yet robust data management app to solve this problem. Kim Keller is the co-developer of Farm At Hand with Himanshu Singh, and used her own family’s farm near Melfort, Sask., as the proving ground for the free product. Her dad, perhaps begrudgingly, was a perfect test subject when creating the app, she says. “(When developing the interface) I’d give my dad a bunch on information to input. If he needed too much help or asked too many questions, we knew we had to go back and re-do that part of the app,” Keller says.’s editor Lyndsey Smith caught up with Kim at Manitoba Ag Days’ Inventor’s Showcase to talk about Farm at Hand, what it can do, how it works and where to download it.

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