2012 Corn Season Wrap Up: Pleasant Surprises, Variation Abounds

There are more than a few weeks ahead yet for the corn harvest, but as a testament to constantly improving genetics and the hardiness of the crop, preliminary corn yields for 2012 are actually quite good. There are areas that are hurting, yes, but some farmers are pleasantly surprised with yields and quality, especially in conjunction with strong prices.

In this episode of the Corn School, Ken Currah, market agronomist with Pride Seeds, walks us through how the corn crop held up in many areas and also where it didn’t. He also points out where on the plant to look for increased risk of cob drop, a result of the extreme stress of the season. This video was filmed just before Hurricane/Frankenstorm Sandy made land-fall, so his point about catching a break on the weather, well, we all know now how the corn crop stood up or didn’t.


If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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