Wheat School – The Ground In Ontario is Alive With 1/4 Inch Armyworms

Guess what just flew in from the U.S. courtesy of the jet-stream? Armyworms, and apparently they brought friends this year. Reports are in from producers all over Ontario who have spotted the pests in their wheat fields. Infestations of armyworm tend to be cyclical with populations dependent largely on the natural parasites that affect them. Once the moths pick their fields and lay their eggs, the larvae feed on the leaves, damaging the plants and robbing yield potential. The critical point in controlling armyworm is finding and spraying them while their still small.


In this episode of the Wheat School, OMAFRA Wheat Specialist Peter Johnson explains why it’s so important to catch armyworm early in their life cycle and what producers can do to eradicate the pests.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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