Corn School – 400+ Bushel Corn – Are We There Yet?

It may seem a bit presumptuous to even begin the topic of 400 bushel corn when 300 bushel corn is barely in it’s infancy, but with the sheer speed of progress in the area of corn yields, the discussion may be warranted sooner rather than later. The truth is, as we’ve said before, the potential is already in the bag, we just have to get to it. According to Dr Fred Below of the University of Illinois, the intrinsic yield potential of corn lies closer to the 400 to 500 bushel range. Below says the ability to access that potential rests in our ability to relieve stresses on the corn plant that hinder that potential.


In this episode of the Corn School, we talk to Dr Below about that intrinsic yield potential, what we can do to access it and what the future holds for corn yield potential.

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