Wheat School – Maximizing the ROI of Fungicides

The decision to apply a fungicide to your wheat crop can be made a little easier if understand the return on your investment.

Yield equals dollars and if you’re in an area that’s at risk for disease. Protecting your crops yield potential is benefit number 1. Fungicides first and foremost provide a preventative level of protection at a critical point in your crops growth. Any damage done at that point can have a devastating effect on your yield. Protecting that yield potential at the vulnerable stage with a fungicide provides you with an opportunity to put more dollars in your pocket at harvest.

What kind of a return can fungicides provide for producers? How can producers maximize that return? In this episode of the Wheat School, Richard Marsh of Syngenta Crop Protection Canada crunches some numbers to provide viewers with a real idea on the return on investment that fungicides can provide producers.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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