RealCropReport – East Central Saskatchewan Still Dealing with Wet Conditions in 2012

Kevin Elmy, Friendly Acre Seed Farms, farms near Saltcoats in east central Saskatchewan.  Once again the region is dealing with some wet weather.  If  Eastern Saskatchewan was to get a major dump of rain, the reality is not a good one for farmers in the area.

Farmers in SE and central Saskatchewan have really had to learn how to manage the moisture conditions.  One of the ways to manage the high moisture levels is through winter crops.  Kevin plants a good amount of winter triticale to spread out the seeding and harvest schedule and more importantly soak up the moisture in the soil.

Kevin’s comments about his seeding progress is below:

Tad wet in the field. We pre worked most of our fields this spring trying to dry them out. Last fall we seeded 1/4 of our acres to Fridge Forage Winter Triticale. We started seeding on May 18th, and seeded 2 new RR2 soybeans, TH 32004Y2R AND TH 33003Y2R. Then moved into 29002. We got over 400 acres in. Also got 4 acres of MZ1272R grain corn in as a trial, as well as 4 acres of azuki beans to see if they will mature here.

Now we got over 2″ of rain over the last 3 days so we will be off the land for another 4 days, minimum. It will be getting late for canola, in order to have it mature and harvested to get more Fridge into the ground, so will switch to more soybeans and cover crop (Crown Millet and Tillage Radish®). Fields are now flirting near the saturation level. Acres south of us may not to all acres again. Would estimate 40 to 45% done seeding. Time to spray winter cereals and do some tissue sampling.

If you have any photos or video from your farm this summer we would love to post them to show all our readers and viewers how the crops are progressing.  If you want more agronomic information check out the Wheat SchoolCorn School or Soybean School.

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