Omega 9 Oil Use On The Rise In North America

“Healthy alternative” is one of the most popular descriptive phrases circulating in North America today. Consumers are becoming more and more health conscious as the effects of years of poor eating habits are showing themselves all over the health care system. The North American food industry has had to make some big changes over the years to answer to these challenges. One of those changes was discontinuing the use of hydrogenated oils in foods because of trans fats and high saturated fats. Suppliers like Dow AgroSciences have responded to the demand for healthy alternatives in the development of new canola varieties that provide both the functionality and characteristics needed for the food industry and the health benefits consumers are asking for. Nexera canola produces Omega 9 oil, a healthier, more stable oil perfectly suited to both consumer health and food industry demands.

I spoke with Dave Dzisiak, Commercial Leader for Dow AgroSciences Grain and Oilseed Business in North America, about Omega 9 oil and the demand they are seeing for it.

If you cannot see the embedded video below click here.

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