Wheat School: Selecting Nozzles for Fungicide Application To Maximize Effectiveness

With the supremely wet weather that has been significantly delaying corn and soybean. Another one of the impacts of this wet weather is the need to consider fungicides for your wheat crop.  Wet conditions tend to bring on disease and that can dampen your yield expectations if not handled accordingly.

Phil Needham is a leading wheat production agronomist in the world. Phil is a large proponent of using fungicides to maximize yield.  In Europe producers can make 2 – 3 applications of fungicide depending on the condition.  Phil believes that fungicide plays a major role in plant health and pushing the wheat plant to perform at it’s highest genetic capabilities.   Just using a fungicide is not the answer because nozzle selection is very critical to maximize the effectiveness of the fungicide in the battle against diseases like fusarium head blight.


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