Wheat School – Pre-Seed or Pre-Emergence Burn…That is the Question – Richard Marsh, Syngenta

On most years seeding earlier provides opportunities for large reward in terms of yield. Now that many farmers are racing against the calendar to try and get seeded as soon as they can, there are some considerations being made. One of the main questions that many farmers are dealing with is whether they should seed before they pre-burn?

This can be a challenging and risky proposition if you cannot get back into spray before emergence of the emerged wheat. If the wheat emerges before glyphosate application the first chance at killing the weeds is herbicide application. crop competition will not be working in your favour which provides some yield challenges.

Having said that, as Richard Marsh, Syngenta mentions in this week’s episode of the Wheat School, every situation and every field is different.  In areas like Manitoba you may be best to seed first and spray later but that is a decision and risk you have to understand.  Richard does a great job of explaining some of the consequences but upside opportunities as well.

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