Wheat School – Warburtons Foods Perspective of the Canadian Wheat Industry – Adam Dyck

For businesses involved in the food industry, a consistent, quality ingredient is a necessity. This is especially true for those involved in baked goods. For those businesses, wheat is a very important ingredients. For Warburtons Foods, based in the U.K., Canadian wheat is specifically what they need and want. Those needs include certain characteristics specific to certain varieties. Things like falling number, taste, color and protein are just some of those traits. Where the varieties are grown and the conditions in those areas are very important factors to consider when acres are being contracted.

All these things are just reflections on what the consumer wants. Freshness, quality, shelf-life, taste; If the needs on that end are not met, the results can be disastrous (remember “new” coke?) If you offer a premium product, the demands placed on you are greater, and rightly so, given that you are charging more for your product. Warburtons Family Bakers is one of those companies. Based in the U.K., they contract wheat acres in Canada looking at Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat varieties to deliver some of the attributes they need to bring their customers the product they want. RealAgriculture talked to Adam Dyck, Program Manager of Warburtons Foods in Canada about what they look for in the selecting their product and their growers.

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