Phil Needham Focuses on Uniformity to Maximize Wheat Yields

Trying to maximize the yield of wheat, corn, canola and soybeans is obviously a key focus of growers.  According to Phil Needham, Needham Ag Technologies uniformity is the key for farmers across North America.  The idea of uniformity applies to seeding depth, seeding rates, plant emergence and residue management.  According to Phil, uniformity is the key to giving yourself the opportunity to get the yield you want on your farm.  This does make sense when you think of uniformity as consistency.  To most farmers consistency of variables and practices brings predictability of results.  Predictability allows you to make money if you are running your business accordingly.

Phil Needham is a student of the wheat crop.  Phil travels across the world studying wheat agronomy trying to maximize the yield of the wheat plant on farms.

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