Is the Hog Business Drowning in Canada – Harry Siemens

I have never owned a hog or participated in the business at all but from the outside it does appear to be a very tough financial business. I have had several chats with producers that have been in the business for a long time and the concerns are real for the long term sustainability of the industry. There are some more optimistic producers trying to outlast others to be involved in the business on the other side of this continued volatility and apparent lack of financial sustainability.

When I see heavily integrated farms like Hutterite colonies leaving the business I think that is a major sign that single focused hog operations are doomed or in for real stretch of adversity. Many people say that one of the issues is that banks are valuing barns at zero and not providing anymore lending to producers. some would argue that this would just be worse money chasing bad.

Harry Siemens, is based in Manitoba and follows the hog industry very closely from the eyes of the producer. I asked Harry if the hog industry is truly finished in Canada in the long term or is this just a war of attrition.

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