Is Organic Food Really What You think It Is? – Mischa Popoff

I have almost become desensitized to attacks on biotech crops and food.  Quite regularly you can watch the news or read the newspaper and hear negative reports that are unfounded and baseless in much fact.  Rarely do you hear someone attack the validity of organic food and especially from someone that is from the inside.

Mischa Popoff was one of the first certified organic farmers in Canada and is still currently an organic inspector.  He has written a book entitled, “Is It Organic?,” where he is questioning the the validity of organic certification in Canada.  Mischa Popoff is not anti-organic but instead wants consumers to realize that in many cases the wool is being pulled over their eyes.  They are falling victim to trendy marketing and losing the perspective on what is happening behind the scenes.  It is very clear to me that for one of the first times the organic industry needs defend itself just like the biotech industry always does.  The only difference is that the criticism is coming from one of their own and requires some serious explanations.

Enjoy the interview with Mischa Popoff and this inside look at organic certification in Canada.

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