Continued Product Development in Fungicides to Combat Fusarium

Fusarium continues to be a major concern for farmers as harvest begins in the US and parts of Ontario.  Many farmers routinely apply a fungicide to their cereal crops to try and minimize the impact of fusarium.  Its getting closer to the fungicide window for Western Canadian farmers and they need to really be considering applyig fungicide this year on their cereal fields.  Of course this only applies to the fields that look like they have a chance of making a yield based on the horrid environmental impact challenging farmers this year.

There are several products on the market currently and a couple weeks ago another was introduced to attempt to combat this awful disease.  BASF has announced the registration of Caramba, a new fungicide which is directly targeted at controlling fusarium in cereal crops.

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At the Regina Farm Progress Show I talked to Glen Forster from BASF about Caramba and why they are very excited about the product and how it will make a difference on the farm.

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It is very clear that this will continue to be an area of the market that biotech companies are going to focus until we are able to completely control the disease through seed traits.  Whether it is seed treatments or in crop fungicides, farmers have real demand for these fusarium fighting products.  For many farmers it is not even a question what they do.  Many must spray to try and minimize the impact of the disease.  While some farmers tend to take the wait and see approach depending on the look of the crop for the year and the impending weather patterns.

In a nutshell this is a market that is getting some attention and will continue to do so with the massive impact fusarium is having on yields and grain quality.

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