Wheat School: Identifying Growth Stage 31


No matter what crop you are growing, knowing the growth stage of the planst is integral to making the right decisions. Are you spraying herbicides or fungicides or applying growth regulators? Well timing is critical nd all of that timing is derived by the stage of the crop. Depending on where you farm in Canada you will probably use different terminology for staging a crop. Some farmers use leaf stage and some use the Zadocks scale.

In the past I have not used the Zadocks scale but it seems like a much more scientific method of crop staging than counting leaves.  Now have said all this many of us know that when it comes to spraying herbicides you many times face the realities of the conditions.  But still knowing your current stage is important.

Below is an interview with Peter Johnson, the Cereal Specialist at OMAFRA and we look at a field of winter wheat in Ontario and what is the criteria for identifying growth stage 31 according to the Zadocks scale.

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