Canola School: What is the Ideal Seeding Rate?

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So far we have addressed seeding speed and seeding depth.  The last piece of this seeding triangle is the seeding rate.  Whether you are seeding canola, corn, soybeans or canola you need to make sure that you are seeding at a rate that allows you to get the proper emergence.  As Derwyn Hammond, Canola Council of Canada points out in the below video, selecting a seed mortality is very important when calculating the rate that will work best on your farm.

The standard seeding rate that most farmers abide by is 5 lbs per acre but some are higher and some are lower.  Farmers that seed lower strictly to lower their seed costs without the proper experience or equipment can really cost themselves yield if adversity strikes.  A good example of this would be the weather that we are currently experiencing in Western Canada.

If you seeded your canola at 3.5 pounds and for some reason seeded at 1.5 inches deep because you were driving the tractor to fast, you would really be staring at some very bad issues.  Nevemind the thin and variable stand but you should also consider the yield loss and potential need for re-seeding.  If you are going to cut your seeding rate you need to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and not because you are trying to save a few dollars.  Don’t try to save a nickel to cost yourself a dollar in the long run.

Another thing to pay special attention to in this video is the discussion around the plant stand you are trying to achieve based on your mortality % and moisture availability.

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