Canola School: Dealing with Market Access Issues for Canadian Canola

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At the recent Canada Grains council meeting a listened to a full day of discussions around Canada’s market access issues  across all the main crop types.  The recent market access issues with canola are well documented and continue to challenge the countries trade attempts.

With 85-95% of Canada’s canola crop getting exported, trade is very important to the success of the crop.  In order to grow the canola acreage to 17 -18 million acres we need to have these markets to remain open and for there to be growth.

Hear my interview with the Canola Council on the issues with China last fall.

I talked to Joanne Buth, President of the Canola Council of Canada about the market access issues that are facing Canada and what this may mean for the future export opportunities of the crop.  According to Joanne, in the past year Canada has faced issues with all their main export markets.

  1. China – blackleg and weed seeds
  2. US – salmonella
  3. European Union – biotechnology issues
  4. US / EU – biodiesel sustainability.

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