Wheat School: Why I Grow Wheat in Ontario


Wheat is a major crop around the world. I believe that there is a wheat harvest happening in every month of the year somewhere in the world. One of the interesting stories about wheat is that it is grown for many different different reasons depending on where you are in the world.

For the farmers in Ontario, Canada, the reasons are somewhat different than in Western Canada or the Western United States. With the majority of Ontario  wheat acres going into winter varieties, wheat in the rotation creates opportunities and flexibility in the traditional Ontario soybean – wheat rotation.

Please let us know why you grow wheat no matter where you are in the world. Is wheat a cash crop for you or do you grow it just to break up your soybean and corn rotation? Do you notice higher yields in your soybeans or corn when wheat is a part of the rotation?  Why do you grow wheat?

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In this video, three Ontario farmers talk about they grow wheat in Ontario and why maybe you should too.